T-Rex Trying to Recover from the Stomach Flu…


T-Rex Trying to Recover from the Stomach Flu…



What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it? (by epipheo)

Ya, totally, always thought so.

Ya, totally, always thought so.


Where the hell are we going with all this?

First thing is first.To properly understand where we are going it is always useful to understand fully where you are right now. In terms of social media this info-graphic articulates the present environment well.

What you notice is that that there is that there really is a whole class- even if they aren’t all strictly social networks or social media as such, but they are at least playing some part in the Game. -and I think that’s probably my first prediction right there.

What is defined as “social media” is only going to become a wider broader church. 

The first-mover advantage has been critical to facebook, twitter and at least google the brand (if not Google+ itself) as their services will deepen they will be come harder to challenge as signifigant players. But as Martha MaCarthy from notes this is something they are “happy with” and the more services on offer the more likely new users won’t resist.

The flip side of that though is that I don’t necessarily think this means there will be an exponential growth in social media providers as such. Yes somewhere along the line there will probably be a surprise run away kid that changes the game agian. But for the most part - some of the class above will eat each other and instead offer more services.

So yes I think there will be a consolidation and convergence of social media companies.

… as so many are talking about, even in Latvia. Also take Loren McDonald, VP of Industry Relations at Silverpop, for example who talks about “mocail” and how relying on users to link their own networks together over different platforms will be greatly exploited as a Buissness strategy he predictsDrive Twitter followers to your blog with teaser tweets, blog about exclusive SMS promotions and use email to grow followers, fans or explain the benefits of a local check-in program—integrating mocial efforts wherever possible is key.”

But really most of all agree with Marcus Sheridan at who says  we’re really all pretty clueless as to what exactly will happen but that at least hopefully these things will stick around as features and attributes of what good social media provides…

  • Great teaching
  • Value
  • Powerful Communication
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Transparency
  • Kindness to others
  • Genuine Service
  • Legitimate Relationships

Cute summary aye?

What scares me though is how fast its all happening, and that’s definitely something that’s not going to change in a hurry.


Tweet Speak- Comp113 Assignment 2

The main style of language online that I’ve have come into battle with is strangely Twitter or the aply named TweetSpeak.

The reason I say strangely is because it was one of the first things that surprised me when I first started using the micro-blogging site a year or two ago- that when it came to writing my first tweet it was not the fact I had nothing to say, but  I wasn’t sure if there was definitely a way of saying something- and I’m not talking about the syntax@#RT! But a style of language….?

Its not as clear as a simple Facebook status update where people generally just say what they are doing in the present tense. “going to sleep after a hard day” -although this is part of what/how people say things as Josh explains  at NZ founded site ReadWriteWeb there are three “styles” of saying things 

1. “Status Updates”

2.  ”there are short term memes where many people talk about some event before, during, or after it.”

3. “long term memes. These are topics of interest that people talk about for days, weeks, or even months. Politics or new video games are great examples of these longer term discussions happening on the platform.”

I disagree with this women  on who says

Twitter is a lot like instant messaging ((IM) because people use acronyms to shorten common expressions

where we use 

  • LOL – laughing out loud
  • BTW – by the way
  • IMHO – in my humble opinion
  • TMI – too much information
  • FTF of F2F – face to face
  • LMK – let me know
  • TTFN – ta ta for now

In my opinion that stuff is more for MSN messanger and I agree with this guide which points to a more sophisticated twitter language style.

"» Don’t use abbreviations such as 4U and L8. They make you sound like a 12-year-old (which is bad, unless you actually are a 12-year-old).”

In this vein I can see the argument that 

 Twitter Makes You A Better Writer!

I think this exercise also proves my point…Most people think they write on twitter how they would speak in normal life!-and I think this added with how people are constrained (140 characters- every bodies listening etc) and with a mix of the points above builds together what Tweat Speak is.

So yay although this is a problem also…



Had a twang of longing for Denmark, today. Bummer. 


Scumbag Steve. Comp113 Assignment 1

Man oh man.


Scumbag Steve is one of THE most famous internet memes. Although he has only a demi-god status on his success as simply a lone photo of himself- completly unphotoshoped or edited (other than added text) captures the real magic of a good meme. Relatability, Repeatability, Rip-outability


Scumbag Steve’s success is clearly based on the fact that EVERYONE can relate to his concept as not only do they know someone like him but  have more than likely been seriously pissed off by someone like him too. He captures that “white trash” demographic that make so many of us simply role our eyes.

The original picture itself captures SS standing in a doorway wearing his trademark “scumbag hat” turned to the side. As memegenerator puts it… “He has a look on his face that pretty clearly states “I am a douche”. The real SS has been found and his real name is “Blake Boston”- which I thought just about seemed to good to be true but you can seem him in heaps of interviews online. He says his mum took it when he was about 17- and then put it on his myspace where someone must have used it and turned into its internet meme sensation.

Here’s the interview…

What really got me was just how many of examples and derivatives have been made from SS- according to generatored memes based on this one image since feb 2011 are already in their 100,000s!